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08 Apr 2024
Through this event, the University Administration seeks to raise awareness; spreading the culture of afforestation and the interest in plantations,...
28 Mar 2024
The Student Affairs and Graduates Department at Arab Open University, Kingdom of Bahrain, organized the “Iftar meal on the Road” initiative, on the...
26 Mar 2024
As part of the Faculty of Language Studies’ (FLS) initiative and commitment to supporting the local community, the Writing Center conducted a writi...
21 Mar 2024
The Alumni Club at Arab Open University, in Kingdome of Bahrain, organized a lecture titled "Understanding Machine Learning in AI” The lecture was ...
Success Stories
Zahra Saeed Al-Noaimi, a 2011 alumnus, Manager of Kuwait Resources House (KRH); Bahrain Branch.
Ammar Al-Afoo, a 2014 A alumnus, Human Resources Manager, Flow Ikea