Student Council Objectives

The council's main objectives include:

  1. Promoting the spirit of involvement and cooperation between students, the administration and the faculty members of the branch.

  2. Raising the students’ awareness of ethical and professional values .

  3. Promoting the spirit of leadership and responsibility among students.

  4. Promoting the exercise of freedom of speech.

  5. Enriching the students’ scientific, cultural, social, intellectual, sports and artistic activities and taking part in supervising them.

  6. Making use of the varied student capabilities to serve the community and participate in different community activities.

  7. Organizing and coordinating individual and group student activities.

  8. Taking part in the efforts that are spent to take advantage of the available University facilities.

  9. Raising awareness among students and urging them to abide by the provisions and bylaws in force at the university, to study well for a good academic achievement and to treat others well.

  10. Promoting interaction between the university students in the branch and the other students from the other branches.