08 Jul 2020

Dr. La’aleh Al-Aali has recently published an article “Embedding Education in a Capacity Building Framework towards forming Sustainability in Developing Contexts” in TEST Engineering and Management Journal, Vol 83, March – April 2020 ( SCOPUS ).



The conceptual paper presents the literature review findings that formed a conceptual framework for exploring “nationalization “within developing contexts. The current paper presents the framework that was applied in Bahrain contributing towards the studies done earlier to indicate the importance of embedding HRD and Capacity building within any national level strategy for capacity building. The researcher findings through this paper on the importance of combining HRD and capacity building within any nationalization framework owing to the intersection of challenges within other developing contexts such as Africa, Asia and Middle East. It also indicates the importance of “Education” in any capacity building framework. The literature review presented in the paper indicates the intersection of challenges among three developing contexts Africa, Asia and Middle East. The intersection of challenges implies the application of the developed capacity building framework in prior publications to be applied within developing contexts to generate capacity building.


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