18 Jun 2020

Arab Open University Develops its Accredited Learning Management System

Arab Open University has developed its Accredited Learning Management System
with the latest version of "Moodle v3.8", to ensure the quality of the scientific content uploaded on the e-learning platforms, and to keep pace with the global development in this field. Moreover, it aims to effectively provide the practical measures needed to prepare Guides for using the concerned platform, as well as raising the competence of all faculty members so as to enable them to use the new system before the beginning of the Summer Semester, by mid-June 2020. All these steps have come in line with the recent paradigm shift in education, which was initiated by Arab Open University since the beginning of the Corona-virus public lockdown; consequent to the launch of Distance Education Mode since the beginning of March 2020.

It is worth noting that the nature of work of Arab Open University is a mixture of Distance Education and Traditional Mode (of classroom teaching), i.e. "Blended Learning". The matter that has led to a smooth transition to the Distance Education Mode from the first day of the public lockdown, with very high efficiency—much to the satisfaction of both faculty staff members and students, alike.

Moreover, in line with the challenges of the next stage, the Information Technology Management Team has studied and analyzed the Distance Education platform used during the previous three months, in order to determine its pros and cons. Based on the analytical studies conducted, a decision was taken so as to develop the Distance Education platform in order to take a further step moving to the global platform "Microsoft Teams". "Microsoft Teams" is currently used on a large scale in all parts of the world, in the most practical, easy and effective ways used to direct the latest audiovisual communication techniques with the latest technical tools needed to complete the processes of Distance Education with exceptional efficiency and accuracy. Added to that, it meets all cyber security requirements, so as to preserve the data of its users, as well as to maximum maintain their privacy. Last but not least, this transition comes as an additive asset to the on-going development of AOU Distance Education systems and platforms.


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