12 Mar 2020

Awareness Session about "Employability Skills"

The Training and Continuing Education and Community Service Center, in cooperation with the Student Affairs Department and the Professional Guidance Unit, held an Awareness Session for university students about "Employability Skills" on Sunday 16th February 2020 . This session was presented by Dr. Hisham Eltahawy, Head of the Center for Training, Continuing Education and Community Service. The session dealt with a set of topics that help in preparing the university students for the labor market, and according to the university's strategy to support its students academically and professionally. Among these topics: Defining the concept of employability and what are the most required skills in the labor market and what are the professional programs the university offers to effectively qualify its students and graduates for the labor market.

EmpSkills 1
EmpSkills 2

EmpSkills 3

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