12 Mar 2020

The Arab Open University actively participates in the National Sports Day (Bahraini .... Athletic)

The Arab Open University participated in the celebration of the Northern Governorate on the National Sports Day (Bahraini .... Athletic) under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Ali Bin Al Sheikh Abdel Hussein Al Asfour, Governor of the Northern Governorate in Aa’li Walk, in the presence and participation of the Brigadier General Khaled bin Rabia’a Sinan Al Dossari, Director General of the Northern Governorate Police Directorate, and a member of the Municipal Council Hussein Al-Ali, and a number of employees of the Governorate and representatives of non-governmental organizations and the people of A’ali.

This participation aims to highlight the importance of health through by implanting a culture of sport for all and with the participation of all, as it is a national occasion, enhancing the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the country.


NationalSportsDay 1

NationalSportsDay 2

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