20 Feb 2020

Dr. La’aleh Al-Aali has recently published a SCOPUS indexed article “ Embedding Cultural Values within Nationalization Strategies: A case from the Kingdom of Bahrain” , in the International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, Volume 9, Iss

The article explores nationalization strategies within Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) to consider culture as a factor to retain nationals in the process of retaining nationals in the private sector. The paper explores the literature in the area of culture indicating views that describe cultural barriers in retaining human resources development within the ( GCC) labor market. The development of “culturally sensitive strategies” is evident in the literature review. The researcher analyzed the factor within the labor market of one GCC country, Kingdom of Bahrain. The paper presents the findings in Bahrain which emphasis that cultural values can cause a change in the labor market. The paper findings indicate that having cultural barriers within Bahrain increases the pressure of achieving nationalization within private sector especially with a population of educated female nationals that have more cultural restrictions towards working in certain sectors. “Culturally sensitive strategies” are evident to be necessary as respondents in the private sector had high positive responses. However, current Bahrainization strategies to encourage nationals to join sectors that are outside the cultural context face the challenge of ‘sustainability’ and ‘retention of national resources’.



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