14 Jan 2020

Designing the Media Content

Arab Open University participated in the training workshop “Designing the Media Content” which held on 30-31 December 2019. AOU was represented by Ms. Amina Taqi from the Department of Public Relations and Marketing and Ms. Amal Althani from the Student Affairs Department, Mr. Ibrahim Azzam from the Training Center, Mr. Hani Abdullah and Mr. Ali Sinjar from the Information Systems Department and all attendees praised the effectiveness of the training content and the its organization. The program has included a number of contents, including the concept of mental image and how to build a positive image of the university, as well as how to formulate effective media content that addresses all levels and patterns of the audience in a way that reflects positively on the status and image of the university, and this program comes within a series of training programs coordinated by the Training and Continuing Education Center Community Service at the Arab Open University headed by Dr. Hisham Al-Tahawy to enable employees to be quickly responded to changes and to keep pace with developments in the work environment. The programs also target a number of skills and functions for all employees of the Arab Open University.

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