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07 Nov 2019

AOU Organizes Bahrain Collegiate Programming Contest

In the presence of Prof. Ghurmallah Alghamdi, Director of AOU-Bahrain, and the participating collegiate delegates, the Arab Open University organized the Bahrain Programming Collegiate Contest for the students of the universities and colleges qualified to participate in the Arab Collegiate Programming Contest, in collaboration with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in the Arab Republic of Egypt; to be held in Sharm Elsheikh City next November.

Prof. Ghurmallah Alghamdi, Director of AOU-Bahrain, extended his hearty congratulations to the winner collegiate teams which thus qualified to participate in the Arab Contest, to be held in the Arab Republic of Egypt. He asserted that organizing such high tech contests is a chance for creative university students in Bahrain to enhance their academic level and showcase their creative abilities in the fields of programming and technology; in addition to contemplating the obstacles, solutions, and ideas that would contribute in fostering the programming and technology fields in the Arab countries.

He commended the students’ projects at the contest and the advanced ideas and electronic programs employed in them, that would have positive and scientific effects on the field of programming. He also pointed out that the students participating in this kind of contest are to be tomorrow’s leaders in the fields of information technology and systematic problem-solving. These contests develop the skills of creativity, innovation, and teamwork that would show the contesters’ abilities to work under the pressures of time and competitiveness, in order to solve one of our daily lives’ dilemmas through using logic, planning, and preparing possible solution strategies. Moreover, he expressed his appreciation and thanks to all of those who contributed to the success of this scientific event; while extending his good luck wishes to everyone.

On his part, Dr. Mohammed Fouad, CEO of the contest, pointed out that the idea of the contest rests on enhancing students’ abilities to use systemic problem-solution methods and computing algorithms in figuring out industrial problems, by creating a program that would solve the issue in the best way, in the least time. Each team includes 3 students working together to solve as many possible problems in the least duration of time, using only one computer set for each team throughout the contest that lasts 5 continuous hours. This year’s winning teams will participate in the international contest, ICPC.

On the other hand, Mr. Mohammed Saeed, Head of the Judging Committee, listed the terms and conditions of the contest, pointing out that each participating team estimates the difficulty of the given problem, deduces the requirements for the solution, and then designs the testing method, in preparation of building the specific programming needed to solve the problem during the time given, which is an obvious challenge to their problem-solving mental abilities.

At the end of the contest, the teams qualifying for participation in the Arab Contest were announced. Prof. Ghurmallah Alghamdi, Director of AOU-Bahrain, and Dr. Mohammed Fouad, the contest’s CEO, honored the winning universities’ students with certificates and trophies; where Bahrain Polytechnic University scored first place, University of Bahrain came second, and the Ahlia University had the third place. The contest was also won by AMA university and the Arab Open university; which would qualify these universities to participate in the Sharm Alsheikh contest next November.

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