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07 Oct 2019

“A Poetry Session” at Arab Open University

Under the kind patronage of Dr. Ghurmallh Alghamdi, the Acting Director of Arab Open University – Bahrain Branch, the General Studies Unit, in collaboration with the Student Affairs Department, organized a "Poetry Session" on Monday, 7th October 2019, at the University Theater.

Talented Arabic tutors participated in the event, namely: Ms. Hanadi Al- Jowder and Mr. Abdulzahraa Yousif Al- Mawlani. The event was presented by Dr. Hussein Ahmed Salman. The poets recited some of their compositions using both colloquial (Ammiya) and Classical Arabic (Fusha). Their poems dealt with various themes like love of the country and tolerance, in addition to social and humorous situations.

At the end of the “Poetry Session”, talented students were invited to recite their poems to encourage them to be active participants in similar cultural and poetic events and activities.

Many academic and administrative staff members along with students attended the event. The Director honored the participants and the organizers at the end of this event.


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