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06 Oct 2019

AOU-Bahrain Discusses “Contemporary Advancements and Practices in Research”

On behalf of Prof. Mohammed Alzakri, President of Arab Open University, Prof. Naif Almutairi, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research, inaugurated the international panel on “Contemporary Advancements and Practices in research” – organized by AOU-Bahrain Branch —in the presence of Prof. Ghurmallah Alghamdi, Director of AOU-Bahrain. A large audience attended the event from the academia and the industry.

At the opening of the panel, Prof. Naif Almutairi delivered a speech in which he conveyed Prof. Alzakri ‘s greetings and best wishes for the success of the panel and also the papers that will be presented.

In his speech, Prof. Naif Almutairi, the patron of the panel, stressed the importance of academic research to develop and enhance countries’ economies. He also pointed out that higher education institutions play a key role in fostering the culture of economic research. In addition, he stated that AOU has developed a strategy to match the accelerating events through its long-term research objectives. Finally, he indicated that AOU endeavors to support academic researchers so that they can promote national research in their respective countries.

Then Prof. Ghurmallah Alghamdi delivered a speech, in which he welcomed the attendees, and pointed out that AOU provides higher education and skills training that fulfill the ambitions of a wide range of aspiring learners who join the workforce and contribute to the sustainable prosperity of the Arab World.

Prof. Alghamdi also highlighted that organizing the international panel on “Contemporary Advancements and Practices in research” is part of AOU’s efforts to shed light on the latest developments and applications employed in scientific and academic research; which would enhance the effectiveness of the research and the capabilities of the aspiring researchers. He also commended the contribution of the speakers and the research papers they will be presenting.

Dr. Suleiman Muzamal, the Head of the Scientific Research Council at AOU-Bahrain, gave a speech in which he indicated that university faculty members undertake scientific research to carry out their academic work and to generate and disseminate knowledge. He also stated that the Scientific Research Council encourages academic research activities at AOU-Bahrain; and has taken the initiative to organize monthly seminars for the academic staff members to build bridges between researchers, exchange information, participate in HEC-affiliated national research forums, and collaborate with other universities in Bahrain in producing research.

Then Dr. Mahmoud Shah, from Coventry University, UK, presented a paper on the concept of cyber security and its vital role in countries’ defense. He showcased the methods of cyber security developments and research; stressing the fact that academicians should coordinate efforts to protect their nations from cybercrimes by engaging in research and development.

That was followed by Dr. Refaat Ahmed, a judge at the Supreme Court in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, who highlighted the most important court cases in the field of scientific research; and stressed out the importance of research in providing information for judicial acts.

On the other hand, Prof. Abdulhaleem Abdulmajeed, from Northern Malaysia University, focused on the concept of human resources management, the new industrial age, and the ways for researchers to benefit from these fields. Finally, Dr. Waheed Omrani, from Sukkur University in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, shed light on the visions and perspectives a researcher should be aware of while conducting research.

At the end of the panel, both Prof. Naif Almutairi, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research and Prof. Ghurmallah Alghamdi, the Branch Director, handed the speakers certificates and AOU accolades to honour their significant and lasting contribution to scientific research.

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