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27 Jun 2019

Annual Research Day

Under the patronage of H.E. Mrs. Mona Yousuf Khalil Almoayyed, a member of Shura Council, Arab Open University organized “The Annual Research Day” for the university students, which was well-attended by a number of directors of Bahrain universities.

Prof. Bader Al-Din Ibrahim, director of the University, pointed out that the goal of the students’ research-based presentations was to highlight the role of the University in advancing scientific research and encouraging the students to turn their scientific interests into a career. He also stressed the fact that the most distinguishing feature of the University’s OU-UK-based blended system is to equip the students with the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. He added that the University offers a number of courses that aim at developing the students’ research skills.

In addition, Prof. Badr Al-Din stated that the University's role in enhancing scientific research goes in line with its mission and vision as well as with Bahrain’s National Research Strategy (2014-2024), which complies with Bahrain’s Vision (2030) to enhance the competitiveness of Bahrain’s economy so as to develop the environmental, cultural and educational welfare of the citizens.

Later on, Prof. Said Al-Hallaq, Dean of Business Studies, delivered a speech in which he expressed his pleasure to attend the Annual Research Day with its plethora of diverse and effective presentations. He also emphasized the significance of scientific research in providing the concerned sectors with accurate, timely, relevant and complete information.

Furthermore, Prof. Al-Hallaq praised the genuine efforts of the branch with all its faculty and staff members in supporting the students and using innovative methods to achieve the University’s mission.

Finally, H.E. Mrs. Almoayyed and Prof. Badr Al-Din honored the students who participated in the forum. H.E. Mrs. Almoayyed extended her thanks and appreciation to the University for organizing this groundbreaking event, wishing the students success in all their future endeavors.


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