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10 Apr 2019

Arab Open University Delegation Visits BATELCO

In its endavour to link theoretical and practical knowledge and help students learn future career opportunities, a delegation from Arab Open University including the chair of the Information Technology and Computing Programme (ITC), Dr. Minimol Job, along with Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Awadhi and Dr. Sarmad Mohammed, assistant professors in the programme, in addition to Mrs. Amina Taqi, Mr. Ibrahim Azzam and a group of students, visited Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO) on Thursday April 4, 2019.

The AOU delegation was received by Mr. Ismail Hafez, Mr. Ahmed Maarouf, Ms. Zainab Khamis and Ms. Farah Murad, who gave them a detailed explanation about BATELCO’s technical services. This was followed by career counselling and guidance which included tips for writing effective resumes and passing the interviews.

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 Visits BATELCO 3  
Visits BATELCO 2  
Visits BATELCO 4  
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