17 Mar 2019

Awareness Workshop Conducted by the Training, Continuing Education and Community Service Department

On Thursday, February 28, 2019, the Training, Continuing Education and Community Service Department conducted a training workshop to highlight the significance of training and professional development for all university staff members, in the presence of the university's director Prof. Badr El Din A. Ibrahim. This workshop aimed at clarifying the new vision of the branch and its plan to enhance the professional development of academic and administrative staff in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Education Council.
The workshop addressed important points, including the stages of training development in AOU (Training Development Cycle), the importance of training, the types of training courses and professional programs, and finally the procedures for applying for any training course.
The workshop was presented by Ms. Aliaa Al Aradi, Head of Training, Continuing Education and Community Service Department at the University. It is noteworthy that the interactive discussion of the participants during the workshop had a great impact on enriching the workshop and its success in delivering the desired objectives. This workshop has revealed many aspects that the staff members have not been aware of. It has also encouraged them to set their future development plans. A number of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) forms were distributed so as to study the training needs and interests required for each individual, department, and the organization as a whole.

This workshop initiates a series of workshops planned by the training department to raise awareness among the university staff members on the need for professional development.


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