18 Feb 2019

“Nyerkub” at the English Club with Q & A

In the English Club session held on the 13thth of February 2019, Mr. Mohamed Kordofai, a writer and filmmaker and founder of Kordofani Films, was hosted and a special screening of his short film “Nyerkuk” was presented.

“Nyerkuk,” a Nubian word which means “the young boy” is set in Khartoum. It is about the aftermath of war and its toll on people as seen through the eyes of Adam, who lost his family to a bombing on the border and has been apprenticed by Mazda, a thug, along with at least a dozen of other homeless orphans. “War creates internally displaced children, poverty, class inequality and questions about the divine justice,” said 33-year-old filmmaker Mohamed Kordofani in his introduction to the film.

The screening was well received by the large audience who praised the nontraditional approach to the plight of the displaced war victims. They also admired his use of different cinematic techniques to convey that message in a subtle way: the way he framed his shots, using the sound effectively, editing the shots together in a way that builds tension and the ending that is left open to the audience to interpret it the way they like.

Many other issues were highlighted in the discussion like nostalgia, urbanization and its dreadful impacts, atrocities of war, and homelessness. It was a very successful event which received very positive responses from the attendees.



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