18 Feb 2019

Dr Hanan Nasser Has published a new research paper

The Journal of Applied Economics and Finance has published a practical study by Dr. Hanan Nasser in which she analyzed the fluctuation of oil prices and the proceeds of gold and their effects on high prices and the inflation of the money market. Given that oil and gold prices are the major representative for commodity market, they both play a crucial role in determining the level of consumption, industrial production and investment due to the direct effect by the changes in their prices. In addition, both oil and gold prices have inflationary pressure which has a direct impact on countries economic growth. Therefore, it is of crucial practical significance to analyze their cointrgration relationships to understand the co-movement of both prices. The key findings suggest that there is a significant positive long run relationship between crude oil prices, gold prices and inflation. In the short run, the impact of any changes in crude oil prices will have a delayed effect on the prices of gold, while the impact of inflation in not different from zero. In addition, both gold prices and inflation are found to have no impact on gold prices in the short run. The findings of this research are important for investors, portfolio managers, corporate houses, crude oil traders, the government and policy makers.


Dr Hanan

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