10 Jan 2019

The Scientific Research Council is delighted to announce that a new publication has been released under the title:The Nile Bride Myth ‘Revisioned’ in Nubian Literature, By Prof. Ghada Abdel Hafeez, ELL Programme Coordinator.

This paper aims at “Re-visioning” the Nile Bride myth as retold by two Nubian writers: Yahiya Mukhtar (1963) and Haggag Hassan Oddoul (1944) in their short stories “The Nile Bride” (1990) and “The River People”(1989).
In “Re-visioning” analysis, I use the critical tools of feminist theorists like Simon de Beauvoir, Adrienne Rich, Helene Cixous, Sharon Friedman, Alicia Ostriker, Mary Daly, and Kate Millett to “look back,” “see with fresh eyes” and “enter the old myth” with the purpose of unsnarling the patriarchal hidden practices in the writers’ myth-making. My “Re-visioning” reading also aims at exorcising and challenging the internalized patriarchal manifestations in Mukhtar and Oddoul’s “retellings” that have imprisoned women in their norms and symbolic moral legalities. Finally, in my “different” reading I seek to evaluate the two writers’ “interpretation” of the myth to see to what extent they denied their ‘Brides’ voice and visibility or opened possibilities of self-assertion for them.



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