02 Jan 2019

English Club Grand Finale

The English Club’s last session for the Fall Semester 2018 – held on Thursday 27th of December 2018 – was a grand finale as it hosted Mr. Mohamed Buali, a filmmaker, writer, director, producer and trainer. Mr. Buali delivered a “Film Screenplay” workshop to a huge audience that included students from all the three programmes.

As usual, Dr. Ghada Abdel hafeez, started the session by thanking the guest, Mr. Buali, for accepting the Club’s invitation. Then she introduced him by giving a bio about his most remarkable achievements. Mr. Buali has made 13 short, documentary and feature films. He participated in over 200 international film festivals and won 34 awards like “the Golden Lion” from the International Architecture Exhibition and another from La Biennale di Venezia in 2010. His work is emblematic of the thriving cinematic scene in the Gulf. He also participated in professional training courses in scriptwriting and filmmaking with many international film industry professors.

It was an interactive, hands-on workshop and the atmosphere was collaborative, informative, and encouraging. The trainer started by defining what is meant by a screenplay and then analyzed the elements of the screenplay. He introduced many concepts like the original and adapted screenplays. He also discussed the mechanism of screenwriting from choosing the idea till the final screenplay draft. The participants worked in groups and individually to develop their own ideas. In one activity, they were asked to develop the logline, short synopsis (10 words), long synopsis (25 words) and then the treatment. Many of his award-winning films were screened and analyzed.

At the end, a certificate of appreciation was handed to Mr. Buali acknowledging his great efforts. In addition, certificates of attendance were given to all the attendees.

It was an amazing and very inspiring workshop which opened the participants’ eyes to the best methods to craft engaging, entertaining, and memorable scripts.

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