24 Dec 2018

“A Special Guest” at the English Club with Q & A

The English Club’s session held on the 18th of December 2018 was unique and different because it hosted Kae Bahar, a famous artist, writer, filmmaker, and actor through Video Conference. Mr. Bahar is a Kurdistan-born UK based who studied in Europe and who produces documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4, and ITV. He has also performed as an actor on stage and screen. His directorial debut in film drama "I Am Sami" won 53 awards in festivals around the world.

At first, Dr. Ghada welcomed the guest and asked the attendees to introduce themselves. That was followed by a delightful chat with Mr. Kae in which he talked briefly about his career, the main challenges he encountered, and the major stages of his life in Kurdistan, Italy, and England. He also spoke about how his dreams have been turned into reality and how his ideas have been transformed into achievable projects.

Then, we had a special screening of his short movie “A Special Guest.” It speaks implicitly about the impact of traumatizing memories of grief and war on a 10-year-old refugee, Ako, who is persuaded to spend an afternoon with elderly English neighbors while his mother goes for a job interview. The film explores the theme of refugee resettlement from the perspectives of a refugee child and an elderly couple who wish to extend welcome.

The screening was well received by the large audience who were tuned in and who praised the nontraditional approach to immigrants’ representation. They raised many important issues like identity, the sensitive relationship between immigrant and the host community, the self and the Other. The audience also asked numerous questions about the difficulty of having a child as a lead, the way to achieve fame in the media field, the significance of the title of the film, and the Kurds’ reaction to the film.

In the end, Mr. Kae shared with the audience his philosophy, which is, “Never give up … work hard till you reach your dream.” Dr. Ghada concluded the session by thanking Mr. Kae for accepting the English Club’s invitation and thanked the attendees for their participation.

The event was a tremendous success as evidenced by the abundant smiles and the many thought-provoking discussions that ensued. It provided an opportunity for those in attendance who are interested in the media field to have first-hand discussion with a celebrity.


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