02 Dec 2018

The English Club Hosts the Famous Artist, Mr. Jamaan Alrowaiei

The English Club has organized a memorable event by inviting one of the most admired and popular Bahraini actors, Mr. Jamaan Alrowaiei on 27th of November 2018. Mr. Alrowaiei has been acting for over 30 years in television, theater and recently cinema. For him, art is a mission, which aims at promoting refinement and advancement in all areas of life.

After a heartwarming welcome speech by Prof. Ghada Abdel Hafeez and an introductory note by Ali Ali, a Club member and the initiator of the idea of inviting the popular artist, Mr. Alrowaiei was given the floor to speak about his diverse career between theatre, TV and film and the secrets behind his success. He opened his heart and talked at length about his feelings, emotions, and the sheer joy of being an artist. He took us back to his childhood and shared with us how his love for theater began, his journey (with many stops and re-starts) to the path of stardom, and finally his detour into becoming an executive director.

Mr. Alrowaiei also gave us some glimpses about the key players who influenced his career, the role of fate in putting him on the right track, the places he visited, the famous actors he collaborated with, the festivals he attended, and the prizes he won. He very candidly spoke about the major challenges he encountered and how, by perseverance and determination, a person can achieve his/her goal. He finally expressed his hopes that his artistic legacy will inspire others to continue to follow their dreams.

That was followed by many questions from the audience like the reason for not having a sequel to his famous TV serial “Sadon”, the advice to young generation of artists and his new artistic projects.

Mr. Alrowaiei’s talk and the ensuing discussion were very inspiring and thought provoking. The event has achieved unprecedented success and was attended by many professors and dozens of students from all the programmes.

Jamaan Alrowaiei 1

Jamaan Alrowaiei 2

Jamaan Alrowaiei 3

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