15 Nov 2018

(Avoid!) A Legal Awareness Lecture at Arab Open University

The Student Affairs Department at Arab Open University hosted a legal awareness campaign in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior. The lecture is part of the Awareness Campaign “Avoid”, which aims to raise the participants’ legal awareness regarding the importance of the careful reading of any contract before signing it, the consequences of neglecting to read the contract and the legal terms followed when dealing with unlicensed companies.

The lecture was delivered by Captain Abdullatif Sater and Captain Nasser Al-Kubais from the Sentences Enforcement Department at the Ministry of Interior, who discussed the legal mechanisms to be followed when signing contracts and civil transactions. They also highlighted the importance of scrutinizing the contract clauses and annexes, stressing the need to be familiar with all the actions and procedures that will be taken by the authorities in case of non-adherence to terms of the contracts after being signed, the matter that hold the signers accountable before the law. At the end of the lecture, Captain Sater and Captain Al-Kubais affirmed that this Awareness Campaign targets young people in general and university students in particular to protect them against liability claims.


Avoid 1


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