31 Oct 2018

Potential Collaboration Opportunities between the Arab Open University and The Regional English Language Office (RELO)

Under the patronage of Dr. Badr El-Din, AOU Director, the ELL Department held a very successful meeting, on the 24th of October 2018, with two guests from the American Embassy: Mr. Scott Chiverton, the Regional English Language Officer and Ms. Khadija Alhayki.

After a warm welcome in the Director’s office, Mr. Chiverton and Ms. Khadija Alhayki gave a brief introduction about RELO, the Regional English Language Office, which primarily focuses on promoting English language learning and supporting the teaching of English in countries around the world. They also explained the application procedures for some US scholarships, such as Fulbright and Humphry.

Mr. Chiverton, Prof. Badr El Din and Dr. Ghada Abdel Hafeez, the ELL Program Coordinator, discussed potential collaborations between AOU and the US embassy.
Later on, about 15 students joined the meeting and many of them expressed their interests and readiness to take further steps towards studying in the US institutions. They also shared their concerns and experiences, dreams and goals. Last but not least, the students highlighted the uniqueness and friendliness of the AOU educational environment and the significant role of the English Faculty in developing their communicative and writing skills by opening the doors of the English Club and English Writing Centre at the Department.
At the end, there was a tour in which the guests had the chance to visit some classes, labs, the auditorium, and they were impressed by the state of the art technologies used and they also admired the ‘Students’ Got Talents Corner’ and the Students’ ‘Arts Corner’ displayed in the ELL Department.

RELO Officer1

RELO Officer2

RELO Officer3

RELO Officer4

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