21 Oct 2018

The English Club Activities at the Arab Open University

The English Club held two meetings under the patronage of Prof. Badr El-Din, AOU Director and the supervision of Prof. Ghada Abdel Hafeez, the ELL Program Coordinator. In the first meeting, held on Tuesday 9th of October 2018, she started by welcoming the old and new members of the Club; then she briefly introduced the English Club as an important venue for the students to practice their English speaking and listening skills in an authentic, fun and relaxed environment.
That was followed by introducing the goals of the English Club which include: encouraging students to be active participants in various activities, preparing them for the labor market, and equipping them with important skills like leadership and decision making. She also made it clear that the Club aims at enhancing communication, collaboration and cooperation among students and fostering their creativity and innovation.
The students enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in which they played games, watched and analyzed short movies, and finally did role plays.
The second meeting, held on the 16th of October 2018, attracted more enthusiastic students who joined the Club to improve their communication skills. One of the participants delivered a presentation about the sign language and another showed a video on how to overcome problems. That was followed by a debate about “whether money can buy happiness”. It was a successful meeting full of exciting, and insightful team-building activities.

EngClubAct 1

EngClubAct 2

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