21 Oct 2018

Arab Open University Organized a Seminar titled, ‘My Experience with Writing’

The General Studies Department, in collaboration with the Student Affairs Department, organized a seminar under the title “My Experience with Writing” with the author, Mr. Ahmed Al-Muathen, on 16th October, 2018. Mr. Al-Muathen, an exceptionally talented writer, shared with the audience his journey with writing and the role of both nature and nurture in his success as a writer. In this respect, he highlighted the role of his mother, grandmother and primary school Arabic teacher not only in nurturing but also forming and shaping his exceptional writing ability. Then, he discussed the concept of solitude and the poetics of space – whether intimate or solitary space – in his narrative. At the end of the seminar, the students were given the opportunity to ask questions and raise comments.

 WritingSeminar 1

WritingSeminar 2

WritingSeminar 3

WritingSeminar 4




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