13 Sep 2018

Arab Open University Honored Distinguished Students

On Tuesday, 04 September 2018, the Arab Open University celebrated the honoring of distinguished students at the University auditorium, in the presence of members of the academic and administrative bodies and the families of the outstanding students.

The ceremony started with a recitation of the Holy Quran by the student Hassan Abdali, followed with a speech by Prof. Badr El Din A. Ibrahim Acting Director- Arab Open University-Bahrain in which he expressed his pleasure for the students’ performance during 2017/2018 academic year.

Afterwards, a documentary was displayed summarizing the achievements, activities and contributions carried out by the University throughout the past year by its representatives (academics, administrators and students).
At the end of the ceremony, AOU Acting director delivered certificates and awards to the following categories: distinction students (22 students) from various academic faculties, members of student’s council, in addition to students who participated in the success of OU-UK visit.

Furthermore, the university has awarded members of sport teams, which included: basketball team for men whom have been awarded the second place in the Second University Tournament.

The parent of the students has commanded the effort of the university in organizing the event and warmly welcoming the guest and expressed their enthusiasm for witnessing next year event.

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