28 Feb 2018

Dr. Hanan Nasser participated in the Evaluation of Data and Large Policies Conference

Dr. Hanan Nasser has participated in the Regional Conference hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain under the title "Evaluation of Data and Large Policies", which was held under the patronage of the Executive Chairman of the Information and e-Government Authority Mohammad Al Qaed from 25 to 27 February 2018. Dr. Hanan has presented a research paper aimed at predicting Oil prices and their economic impact using huge data from the Energy Information Organization, which includes many variables for price, supply and demand, production and reserves, as well as speculative information on oil commodities over the past 39 years. It should be noted that Dr. Hanan used the latest evaluation techniques and software to extract the information from more than 2048 mathematical equation. As a result, she suggested that supply and demand began to lose the control over the fluctuations of oil prices to make them in the control of the factors of speculation and the dynamics of variability of the roles of other variables according among different periods. The research paper is published by Elsevier, which is rated A * by the ABDC ranking.



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