25 Feb 2018

Publishing A Scientific Research Paper by Dr. Wahiba Al-Alawi and Dr. Rola Fahad

Dr.Wahiba S Alawi Dr.Rola Fahad


The Journal of the Faculty of Girls at Ain Shams University in Egypt published a scientific research paper by Dr. Wahiba Al-Alawi in collaboration with Dr. Rola Fahad, under the titled ‘Academic Problems among Arab Open University students- Kingdom of Bahrain Branch- from the Students' Perspective, and its Relation to Some Variables’.

This study aims to identify the academic problems of Arab Open University (AOU), Bahrain branch students. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, a sample consist of (584) students were selected randomly, and a questionnaire including (57) items, divided into six dimensions, was distributed among the study sample. After collecting and analyzing the data, the study reached a set of results, as followed: (i) The averages of the academic problems of Arab Open University students/ Bahrain branch, ranged between (3.23) and (2.16), meaning that they all fall within the average level. (i) The problems related to curriculum ranked first among the domains, at an average of (3.23), followed by the problems related to assignments and examinations (2.85), then the problems related to registration and academic advising (2.61). While the problems related to faculty members ranked fourth (2.46) and the problems related to relationship to peer ranked fifth (2.44), the problems related to university building and equipment came at (2.16).

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