05 Dec 2017

Participation of Dr. Hanan Naser in a Press Conference to Launch The New National Project “Bahrain Research Consortium”

As a member of founders board, Dr. Hanan Naser has participated in a press conference last Saturday, 25th November, to launch the new national project “Bahrain Research Consortium”, that aims to provide an interactive platform for researchers and experienced practitioners to support and fill the gap of research needs for the business enterprises in Bahrain. This indeed will not only ensure that enterprises continues to keep pace, but also take a significant role in transforming the kingdom of Bahrain into knowledge based economy.

Dr. Hanan Naser said that the consortium is established as an independent non-profit organisation to highlight the importance of the role of SMEs in the economic development of the Kingdom of Bahrain by addressing the current gaps in the basket of services and supporting these institutions in order to expand and sustain their growth, noting that the consortium will initially target small and medium enterprises.


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