04 Jul 2017

Certified by the Council of Higher Education and the UK Arab Open University offers three bachelor's degree academic programs

Dr.Khaldoon Al Roomi ID  Building  


• Programs include Information Technology, English Literature and Business Administration

• Dr. Al-Roomi: The student is the focus of our educational strategy

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain: The Arab Open University, one of the most well-established academic institutions in the region, will offer three bachelor programs during the next academic year 2017-2018, certified by the UK and the Higher Education Council of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The first program is in Business Administration (Systems Track), designed to help students meet the challenges of the new age by providing a comprehensive program to develop their intellectual and technical skills, making them the first choice in their area of specialisation among major companies regionally.

The second program is a B.A. of Information Systems and Computer, offered by the University in cooperation with the British Open University. This program qualifies students in various aspects regarding this field, including computer hardware and software. In light of recent developments in the labour market, the Arab Open University was keen to design this program in English, so that students may face and overcome the linguistic challenges that they face in the changing labour market.

The third program is a B.A. in English literature, taught at seven other branches of the University. This program is offered in cooperation with the Open University in Britain and is characterised by corresponding to international standards. The program is offered in accordance with the University’s philosophy and objectives, including a variety of subjects in linguistics and literature, presented in a distinctive cultural and social framework aimed at developing the students' English language skills and self-learning abilities. It includes discussing the history of the English language, discerning its geographical and social patterns, in addition to studying contemporary and classical literature, poetry, prose and drama.

Director of the University, Dr. Khaldoon AbdulRazak Al-Roomi, commented: "Our academic programs were designed after extensive study of the labour market, in order to prepare our students comprehensively, both academically and practically, to enable them to compete for high positions in major companies, agencies and government ministries in the region.”

He added: "We pride ourselves on our qualified and professional educational and administrative staff. The University's facilities include the latest technology used in the field of education, to ensure the provision of distinctive expertise to our students, who are the focus of our educational process."

It’s worth citing that in September 2014, the Arab Open University moved to its new building in A’Ali, increasing the number of University's branches in the Arab Nation to nine.



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