Course Description

Faculty Requirements/ Electives

Course Code Course Name   Module Specification  
B122 Introduction to Retail Management and Marketing Download
B124 Fundamentals of Accounting Download
ECO101 Principle of Microeconomics Download
ECO102 Principle of Macroeconomic Download

Faculty Requirements/ Mandatory

Course Code Course Name   Module Specification  
B207A Shaping Business Opportunities A Download
B207B Shaping Business Opportunities B Download
BUS101 Introduction To Math For Business Download
BUS102 Introduction To Statistics Download
BUS110 Introduction To Business Download
BUS310 Strategic Management Download
LB170 Professional Communication Skills For Business Studies Download

Mandatory Specialization Requirements

Course Code Course Name   Module Specification  
B123 Management Practice Download
B325 Managing Across Organisational And Cultural Boundaries Download
B327 Sustainable Enterprise And Innovation Download
SYS210 Managing Technology And Innovation Download
SYS280 Principles and Practice of Systems Thinking Download
SYS380 Managing Systems Complexity Download