Student Information System (SIS)

AOU provides an Online Student Services system for the students to support their need on a 24/7 basis. The system allows the student to benefit from various electronic services, which includes:

  1. Online Registration: to register, update and delete course to be studied at AOU.

  2. Online Payment: to view and pay the fee online.

  3. View/Print Semester Time Table.

  4. View/Print Student Schedule: to view a detailed schedule whenever needed.

  5. View/Print Academic Plan: to view or print academic plan which is reflective of the studied courses and the remaining courses.

  6. View/Print Examination Results: to view or print unofficial slip of the academic performance (transcript).

  7. Create a Student Personal Development Plan (PDP): to facilitate the achievements of academic and career goals.

  8. Edit Students’ Contact profile: to update the contact details at any time assuring appropriate channel of communication with AOU.

  9. View student Exam Slip: to view the location of the exams.

  10. View Advising details: to view the advising details logged by the advisor.

  11. Student Support Services:


    1- Exam Postponing System: To submit a request to postpone a midterm or final exam with attaching the excuse.
    2- Appeal System: To submit a request for formal review of an academic decision regarding course final examination grade or course continuous assessment marks.
    3- Complain System: To submit any claim unrelated to academic grades.
    4- Inquiries System: To submit an inquiry related to subject other than appeal and complaint.
    5- Disability and Dyslexia Support System: To submit a description of any disabilities or learning difficulties, so the university can take it in consideration and to provide the necessary services to enable the student fulfill the intended learning outcomes of their study in a friendly educational and social environment.


Note: some of the above services are restricted with a time frame which is normally announced in the academic calendar.