About The Faculty of Language Studies (FLS)

The Faculty of Language Studies (FLS) was established in 2002 at the very start of AOU. At present, it offers a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature in all AOU branches including the Bahrain Branch. The courses offered at FLS are derived from the Open University-UK with the use of textbooks, support materials, and approaches of the highest international standards. Demand to join the FLS is growing, since it is relevant not only to students’ intellectual and knowledge growth, but also to their career needs.

The Objectives of The Faculty of Language Studies (FLS)

Studying at the FLS will:

  • Provide students with high quality instruction and training in English Language and Literature.
  • Develop creative and critical thinking in students as well as appropriate communication skills in writing and speaking.
  • Prepare students for further and more advanced study.
  • Prepare and qualify students for employment.
  • Develop in the students a range of specific and transferable skills including literacy and communication skills. 
  • Relate and integrate both language and literature material they study across the range of genres, time, and place. 
  • Provide a critical evaluation of both language and literature texts.

On successful completion of their studies, students will be able to:

  • Communicate in English with ease and confidence on everyday matters, as well as on matters relating to their university education.
  • Read, understand, discuss, and evaluate literary works comprising essays, poems, novels, and plays.
  • Express themselves orally and in writing on issues pertaining to different modes of language use and literary analysis.
  • Read extended language and literature material, distinguish facts from opinions, and both analyze and evaluate different genres of literary works.
  • Show a sound understanding of the structure of language, language variation, and language use.
  • Show a solid knowledge of and familiarity with English prose, poetry, fiction, and drama and some knowledge of prominent non-western texts in literature and the arts.

Admission Requirements:

To be admitted in any Bachelor’s Programme, the student should fulfill the following conditions:

1. Obtain a general secondary school certificate or equivalent, which must be approved by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain.
2. Obtain a good secondary school cumulative GPA.
3. Students should be fluent in the English Language and should show evidence by providing the results of internationally accredited tests of English Language, if available. The minimum required scores are as follows:
     a) TOFEL: Paper based 550
     b) Computer based 213
     c) Internet based 79
     d) IELTS: 6.5

Note that the scores for these tests are expired in 2 years. Expired scores cannot be accepted.

If the student does not show evidence of any of the above mentioned test scores, he/she will have to take the English placement test provided by AOU and must get a good score to be admitted in the chosen faculty. Otherwise, the student will have to take the English Orientation course (EL099) to improve their language before joining any faculty.

The files of all admitted students must be approved by the Higher Education Council; and upon the approval, each students will be provided with an ID number once the files are approved

Graduation Requirements:

Students shall be awarded with Bachelor degree in completion of 132 credit hours successfully in the following manner:

No. Category Credit Hours
 1.  Univ. Requirements/Mandatory  18
 2.  Univ. Requirements/Electives  5
 3.  Fac. Requirements/Mandatory  8
4. Fac. Requirements/Electives 4
5. Spec. Requirements/Mandatory 64
6. Spec. Requirements/Electives 32
7. Industrial Training 1
Total 132

Students shall score a GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00.

Students can complete graduation requirements in 4 years in case of passing 32 credit hours in each academic year.

ELL Potential Careers:

The Faculty of Language Studies qualify its graduates to join the workforce in different fields including: Teaching, Journalism, Media and Performance, Business, Translation, Training, Creative Writing and other fields. Moreover, FLS enables its graduates to pursue post-graduate studies in related fields.

Studying at FLS provides students with labour market skills in addition to communication skills, linguistic, critical, analytical, intellectual, aesthetic, and cultural skills, which empower the graduates in both the workplace and society at large.