About Master of Business Administration

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The Master in Business Program offered from Open University - Malaysia and hosted by Arab Open University (AOU) of Kingdom of Bahrain is the appropriate opportunity to improve competencies and organizational skills without sacrificing your existing career path and profession. Students shall be able to acquire essential knowledge from core courses in the scope of managing and developing analytical skills which are vital in problem solving and decision making functions. Moreover, these courses will offer an understanding of management and human behavior in organizations and an insight of organizational change in different fields. In this highly competitive business environment dominated by accelerating changes in sociocultural, economic, political and technology, organizations are striving for survival through competent human resources as a core competency that will give creativity, innovation, initiative and market leadership.

Aims of the Program

  1. Improve organizational skills and competencies and add value to existing students knowledge.
  2. Elevate students analytical skills and positive mental image.
  3. Upgrade and reinforce employment opportunities and career development in administrative/Business field.

Admission Requirements:

Admission in Master in Business Studies has the following criterion that needs to be met including:

  1. Completed Bachelor degree requirements in any field.
  2. Fulfillment of program admission requirements.
  3. Provision of other official documents required upon admission application.

The files of all admitted students shall be approved by the Higher Education Council, and accordingly the students shall be provided with a HEC ID number once approved.

Fields of Profession/Career:

This program qualifies potential students to a master degree in Business Administration which offers an appropriate opportunity to enhance their organizational competencies and skills in efficient and effective manner. This program qualifies graduates to pursue further to postgraduate studies of doctorate or equivalent degrees in the same field.