About Business Studies - Systems Track

This program aims at orienting the student to confront the emerging challenges and changes in Business Administration World within properly designed and selected courses that would develop their intellectual and practical capabilities. Moreover, this program aims at encouraging creativity in students and attracting them to it; in order to enable them developing own and work life in the future. Another aim of this program is developing students’ skills in group work & leadership.

Admission Requirements

Admission in Business Studies - Systems Track program the following criterion shall be met including:

  1. Prospective student shall present ICGS certificate or an equivalent certificate that is accredited by ministry of Education in Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. Provision of other official documents required upon admission application.

The files of all admitted students shall be approved by the Higher Education Council, and accordingly the students shall be provided with a HEC ID number once approved.

Fields of Profession

This program qualifies prospect students to complete Bachelor degree in Business Administration (System Track). Students will create an understanding and learning experience about administrative (organizational) Behavior, functions and tasks in changing environment. Graduates of this program shall be able to extract organizational systems with learning experience as exposed to future technology and analyzing systems theoretically and practically. In completion of degree requirements, graduates shall have the knowledge about organizational systems that would enable them in effective problem solving and crisis management. Never the less, this program enables graduates to pursue graduate studies in Business Administration related fields.