About General Studies Department


Through its general courses, the Deanship of Education aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge to allow them study their specialized courses offered by other deanships in various academic programs.

In addition, it offers two types of courses, elective and compulsory. The compulsory courses are designed to empower students with self-learning skills.


The Deanship looks forward to reach for excellent level by its freshmen through the general courses that it offers in accordance with the accredited academic standards.


The Deanship is committed to provide students with the necessary skills in self-learning in order to empower them to pursue their higher education successfully.

General Objectives:

  1. Providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to continue with their specialized courses.
  2. Empowering students with general knowledge, which allows their professional and technical specializations to have additional knowledge-based and humanitarian dimensions, which enhance their level of awareness.
  3. Providing students with the cultural, developmental, and social dimensions of their Arab societies.