Admission Policy - Bachelor

To be admitted in any Bachelor’s program the student should fulfill the following conditions:

  • Obtain a general secondary school certificate or equivalent, which must be approved by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain.
  • Obtain a good secondary school cumulative GPA.
  • Students should be fluent in English Language and can show evidence by providing the results of internationally accredited tests of English Language, if available. The minimum required scores are as follows:
    TOFEL: Paper based 477
                Computer based 153
                Internet based 53

     IELTS: 4.5

    Note: The scores for these tests are expired in 2 years. Expired scores cannot be accepted.

  • If the student doesn’t have any of the above mentioned test scores, he/she will have to take the English placement test provided by AOU and must get a good score to be admitted in the chosen program directly. Otherwise, students will have to take the English Orientation course to improve their language before entering the program.