Head of LRC welcome


 Alya Al-Aradi,

Head of Learning Resource Center

I would like to welcome all the beneficiaries of Arab Open University’s LRC Resource, facilities and services. I am extremely proud and excited to be working for a library providing services to students. You are the main focus of our services and care; as your satisfaction brings us contentment and joy.

The Arab Open University has taken upon itself to provide rich sources of knowledge with advanced and high-end technology to ensure supporting the teaching, learning and research of the University. Therefore, we made it our goal to obtain the technology, that allows each member of the University to remain connected to our Resource with electronic access at all times through Internet connection.

The library of the Arab Open University is keen to enrich the collection with new and quality Resource; it has subscribed in more than eight full-text databases Resource and more than 60 open sources databases, a figure we are proud of.

Finally, your views, feedback and suggestions are important to us, to serve you in the best way.

Best Regards,